As Barren Ground Gets So Goes Lackadaisical Investing

by Dave Miller

The bare ground of the empty garden was being overrun by weeds in a short few weeks. So I tilled the ground last night and scattered the Jerry oats. With the dirt knocked loose and the weeds stunned the oat seeds I spread can find a hold and quickly overpower the weeds.

  The seed is planted and has a good chance to grow. No weeds to hinder the growth. Fertile ground to root into. At the sight of the greenness we will see the fruits of the labor, our toil combined with productive soil coming to fruition.

Is neutrality possible? The first law of motion says: The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force. So something at rest stays at rest. Unless an outside force affects it. It stays at rest if nothing affects it, but something is always affecting something.

To invest or not to invest. That is the question.

When I say invest I mean good investing, not the I’m-too-uncertain-so-I-will-stick-it-in-bank flavor of investing.

Good Investing; By making good investments of time, money and knowledge you will grow in confidence and intellect. When you see your seeds multiply, your heart will be happy and content. This is not always easy, it’s work, but it’s rewarding.

Bad Investing; When investments go bad they deflate the morale, they squash and humiliate. Your attitude and life will be affected, like it or not, it just will.

Neutrality; By not investing your money, holding it in cash or putting it in a savings account for ½% interest a year, you are not moving. As Isaac Newton said, a body at rest stays at rest unless affected by an external force. The external force is never at rest. If you are not investing wisely you can go backwards, but if you do not invest, you will also go backwards. Neutrality is not an option. The outside force is in motion and if it is going faster than you then you are going backwards.  

Here a few reasons why “neutral” money holding doesn’t exist.

  • If you invest at a ½% in the bank you are (1) not keeping up with inflation (2) your reward sucks so the incentive to save more is squashed.
  • When sitting on cash you (1) are not keeping up with inflation (2) are prone to spend more than needed because it’s visible and accessible. Money in your pocket has a way of disappearing.
  • Did I mention inflation? According to our government inflation has been around 2% to 3% but has jumped to around 3.75% last month. Now we could spend a whole paper on the inaccuracy of these government statistics but we will let it go for now. Nevertheless, they may be inaccurate but the experts agree they are pushed down, meaning in reality they are higher. So if you are not making in excess of 4% to 5% you are floating backwards. Your money will buy less in the future.

The ground does not like to be barren. It will cover itself. Its default is weeds. So if you choose to sit by idly it will cover itself with weeds. Do I want weeds?  No. I will work, till, and plant to create an environment that allows the ground the produce. Today it’s raining steadily. I smile because I planned and prepared.

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What Obama Told Us and What Really Happened.

 by Dave Miller

At times I am glad the economy is not recovering. If it were, the people would believe it is because of this nonsense we hear from these politicians.

The debt ceiling is the latest dog and pony show. The media is rambling on and on. Praising and criticizing. Just talking heads selling their hogwash.

I’m talking to both sides of the aisle here. They make it sound like they are doing the country a service. Doing their duty. Sacrificing for the good of the people.

The truth of the matter: this is the largest increase in debt allowed.


When I hear them talk about sacrificing for the good of the people, I want to roll my eyes loud enough so you can hear it on paper.

Be careful what you listen to.

Here is some of the useless gobbledygook we have been fed in the past. Obama said we would lose a bunch of jobs unless we dumped a boatload of money into the system. We did. What happened?

Here are the results. Visualization is a great way to illustrate the point.

Selective hearing is the key.

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Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive? Do We Really Care?

by Dave Miller

Is Osama Dead? How does it change our lives? Or is just a ruse?

In the past months Obama’s ratings have slipped in a downward spiral.  Even the left-wing editorial comics have torn him down.  Bashing their messiah. This is bad news for the President as the elections are just around the corner. The debates start this week. He is desperate to show the world that he is competent leader.  

Last week his birth certificate finally appears.  Is it real? I don’t know and I don’t really care. But I do believe it was brought forth to distract us from other superior issues. I’m guessing it’s real. But it makes no difference in my life. I’m not going to live differently tomorrow because of this. But I do think it’s great when a conceited arrogant person must buckle to the little people.

The polls are still down.

This week we kill Osama bin Laden. Global enemy #1.  How impressive!

For years the experts said Osama bin Laden is dead. He has not been sighted since December 2001. Nine and a half years. His health was failing. The last confirmed video he looks sickly and gestures with his right hand only. His left arm is immobile, suggesting a stroke. His kidneys were failing 10 years ago, requiring dialysis treatments yet he was forced into exile in the mountains where medical care was unavailable. This deteriorating man who once loved the spotlight has not shown his face in almost 10 years.

Yet the government kept him alive in our minds. Every war needs a villain. Every commander wants a victory. Now we have a new villain. Gaddafi. So we can dispose of Osama and still have a war. We can have the cake and eat it, too. Victory and war.

I find it irritatingly amusing that just when the polls need a boost we kill a man who is presumably dead. We raid a compound that we never sighted him in. He gets shot in the face. Then we drop him in the depths of the sea. Never to be seen again.

Quite convenient.

Do I care that Osama is dead? Not really. It doesn’t change how I live. It doesn’t change any business decisions.

What I do care about is the president wasting time on wars, dead villains and pieces of parchment when greater issues are at hand.

Every hour spent on these non-issues eliminate an hour spent in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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