I Gave Myself a Raise – $300 an Hour


Did you ever catch yourself handling a high dollar client differently? I have. It seems easier to act efficiently professional in profitable situations.

A few weeks ago I hung Tim Miles’ blog article on my wall in front of my desk. It has not made me an expert in this area but I do see an improvement. That is my goal – improvement.

Here is an excerpt from his blog:

I decided – in 2012 – my time would be worth $300 an hour. I don’t mean necessarily charging $300 an hour. I mean – acting like it.

This year, fueled by my new-found mental wealth, I’ve watched two things radically transform:

  1. Who I decide to spend time with and how much of that time.
  2. How I carry myself to make sure I’m delivering $300 an hour to myself and to others.

Nothing changed. Except my mindset……… Read the rest of Tim Miles’s blog here

From this day forward, if you want to hire me for my services, I’ll provide you with $300 an hour service for much less than $300 an hour. Just ask.

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Pennsylvania Landlords and Smoke Detectors

by Dave Miller

Do I really need to put smoke detectors in every room in the house that I’m renting out? That question came to me yesterday. I said boy I don’t think so. But I’ll look into it.

So I dug up my old real estate books. I didn’t find what I wanted there. I went back to good old Google. Not that Google is old. But it sure is useful. I found an article on landlord-tenant laws in Pennsylvania regarding smoke detectors.

Here’s what I found:

 § 3800.130. Smoke detectors and fire alarms.

(a) A facility shall have a minimum of one operable automatic smoke detector on each floor, including the basement and attic.

(b) There shall be an operable automatic smoke detector located within 15 feet of each bedroom door.

(c) The smoke detectors specified in subsections (a) and (b) shall be located in common areas or hallways.

(d) Smoke detectors and fire alarms shall be of a type approved by the Department of Labor and Industry or listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

(e) If the facility serves four or more children or if the facility has three or more stories including the basement and attic, there shall be at least one smoke detector on each floor interconnected and audible throughout the facility or an automatic fire alarm system that is audible throughout the facility.

(f) If one or more children or staff persons are not able to hear the smoke detector or fire alarm system, all smoke detectors and fire alarms shall be equipped so that each person with a hearing impairment will be alerted in the event of a fire.

(g) If a smoke detector or fire alarm becomes inoperative, repair shall be completed within 48 hours of the time the detector or alarm was found to be inoperative.

(h) There shall be a written procedure for fire safety monitoring if the smoke detector or fire alarm becomes inoperative.

So this is what Google told me. But what does that really mean? I don’t know. I found it on the Internet, that does not make it true. Well, it looked official. My stance is this: I make no representations that this statement is true and/or currently the law.

If this is the law, then it looks as if we need to have at least one smoke detector on every floor. That’s a minimum. Plus, we also need to have a smoke detector within 15 feet of every bedroom door. So if you have a hallway and you put the smoke detector in there and all the bedroom doors are within 15 feet, I guess that’s sufficient for that floor.

Now, I do say this, we are looking at the minimum requirements here. We look at the minimum to see what is required and not what we insist on doing, and no more. I hope not. I would rather see more than the minimum, and that your conscience is to provide safety for your tenant. So what do you need to clear your conscience? How many smoke detectors would you put in your own house? Consider these questions and those may be your answers.

Why be a minimalist when it comes to life safety?

Two Computer Time Tips

by Dave Miller

Today I am offering two tips to save you time everyday as you surf the web or check emails.

Search Tip:

F3 That’s it F3. It’s the top line on your keyboard you pay little attention to. F3 allows you to search the webpage you are on. So often I get to a page and want to search the page for a keyword. I’ll search for something on google and it directs me to a page but I have no idea where on the massive page the information is hidden. Now that I discovered F3 the search is over.

When I get to the page I hit F3 and a search box pops up allowing me to type in a word or two. It then highlights the words.

Try it right now. Hit F3 and in the search box type in the word “hit”. If it is working as it should you will see all the words “hit” on this page.

Email unsubscribe:

Emails are important but they can make life cluttered and consume too much time. Take a bit of time now and pick a couple emails you get daily, look on the bottom of the page and click the unsubscribe button. It take a minute but stops that company from blasting you again the next day. Do this on a few emails today and again tomorrow. After a few days you will have less emails and never miss those annoying emails. Plus your life will be less distracting.

I hope these tips help you.

If you have your own tips please post them in the comments

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10 passwords not use to avoid being hacked

by Dave Miller

In this day and age it’s extremely important to protect yourself online. The biggest mistake people make is making their passwords easy. By making them simple they are easy remember but make you vulnerable.


Top 10 Worst Passwords:

  1.   123456
  2.   12345
  3.   123456789
  4.   Password
  5.   iloveyou
  6.   princess
  7.   rockyou
  8.   1234567
  9.   12345678
  10.   abc123

4 Tips For Password Strength

1. Your password should be at least 8 characters long.

2. Your Password should contain a mix of numbers, upper case letters, lower case letter, and special characters (!@#$%).

3. Your password should not be a name, part of your email address, or any single word in the dictionary. This will protect you from password guessing and “dictionary attacks.”

4. It is recommended that your password is a shortened character representation of a sentence. For example, the phrase “safe from attack” could become the password s8feFRM@ack.


I use a program called roboform for my passwords. It allows me to keep a master password on my computer. It remembers my passwords out in the internet world where they are more susceptible to attacks. If it is doing the remembering and not me I can make them more difficult.

Check it out here. http://www.roboform.com/how-it-works/overview

I costs me $29 a year but it really saves me much more in time, anguish and frustration.

I think you can do the same thing on some of the auto fill features on explorer but I feel better using a program I purchased. Hackers are more likely to use something that is standard on computers so I use roboform.

Protect thyself

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Think Inside The Box

Over and over we hear the line “Think outside the box”.

Today I am asking you stop and think about things inside the box.

Is it time to put your marketing strategy in a box?



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Commercial Property, Medical Offices for sale, Gap PA


County Line Medical Center5275 Lincoln Hwy, Gap, PA 17527

Shepherd Real Estate LLC David Miller

(717) 951-0201

5275 Lincoln Hwy, Gap, PA 17527
Office Property For Sale
5275 Lincoln Hwy, Gap, PA 17527
Price: $2,595,000
Building Size: 12,726 SF
Price/SF: $203.91
Property Type: Office
Property Sub-type: Medical Office
Additional Sub-types: Retail (Other)
Property Use Type: Net Lease Investment with 3 years left on lease
Commission Split: 2.5%
Cap Rate: 8%
Occupancy: 100%
No. Stories: 1
Building Class: B
Tenancy: Multiple
Lot Size: 2.10 AC
Tax ID / APN #: 5603214800000
Parking Ratio: 50 / 1,000 SF
Last Verified 1/5/2012
Listing ID 17473352
Map of 5275 Lincoln Hwy, Gap, PA 17527 (Lancaster County)
Find out more about 5275 Lincoln Hwy, Gap
A well maintained medical office building with a solid lease in place. This property will continue to improve cash flow as the lease has 3% yearly increases. It is diversified nicely LGH, a dentist and a pharmacy.
It is a great investment property.
In Gap PA on Rt 30’s high traffice count. It provides easy on and off of Rt 30. Rt 41 and Rt 772 are only a 1/4 mile away
Shepherd Real Estate LLC

David Miller – (717) 951-0201
The information above has been obtained from sources believed reliable. While we
do not doubt its accuracy we have not verified it and make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness.
Investment Properties on LoopNet.com
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Choose What You Want To Learn in Real Estate

We, at Shepherd Real Estate LLC, are offering a few FREE classes this fall.

Our class-room style lectures are structured around real estate investing. The Shepherd Team consists of professionals in Lancaster, PA with experience in real estate. We are investors ourselves and want to help you succeed in your endeavors. The Shepherd Team has a wealth of knowledge to share. In house we have an attorney, a CPA and Realtors all ready to help you.

 We need your help in deciding which classes to offer. Our goal is to give you what is of most value to you. We are conducting a survey to choose to the topics.

Please click through to the survey to make your choice.

Click here to take the survey.

Your response will help us pick the best topics.

Here is a breakdown of the options:

  • Investment Analysis

Crunching the numbers

  • Building your Power Team

Realtor, attorney, insurance agent, consultant, property manager

  • Assets Protection

Entities, insurance

  • Improving Cashflow

Proper management for better cashflow

  • Taxation of Real Property

Structuring your investments to avoid excess taxes

Click here to take the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Email me if you want to be notified when we schedule these FREE classes. They will be held at a location to be announced in the Lancaster PA area.


The Innocent Man

The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small TownThe Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town by John Grisham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great book by John Grisham. His first non-fiction yet he still writes it like fiction and does not lose any attributes of a great John Grisham legal thriller.

If you like John Grisham’s novels then this one will really cut to the core. I was half through reading it when I realized it was a true story. I was shocked. It set me back in my chair. The book changed completely for me.

It is a great book about a man spending years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Leaving his life and mind in shambles. After his release he is still sick mentally and physically. The people still have a label on him; Murderer.

The media and a few law enforcement officers pulled him into this cesspool life yet the damage they did they could never reverse, even if they tried.

Entertaining. Gripping.

View all my reviews

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Building Your Power Team for Long-Term Success and Growth

by Dave Miller

The term Power Team is used by real estate investors as your go-to specialists. This is your team of experts that you rely on for quality advice and service. Even though this is a term used in real estate, it applies to any business.

When building your power team you want to choose the best money can buy. Or cannot buy. Sometimes the best are not the most expensive.

Hiring an expert gets the job done properly and on time. When hiring people your goal should be to hire people better than you. If not better, then people that can do the task less at expense than you.  This can be an attorney that has the expertise you lack, the secretary willing to work more cheaply than you, or the septic sludge remover that does the dirty work.

Whoever it is, choosing the right person is vital. They are still the face people see in place of yours. Your reputation is on the line. Business is about people. Interacting with people is business. Choose people persons.

The team you develop is one of the crucial elements to becoming a successful businessman, for it is vital to the long-term health, success and growth of your business.

Your Power Team should consist of experts

  • Consultants
  • Mentors
  • Attorneys
  • Accountant
  • Sales & Marketing Guru

Your list should be much longer than this, as this is only a start. The bigger you make you list of resources the better. The well that is deep is the one you can draw from often.

How do you build this list?

Start by thinking of your available resources you currently use. You already have your Power Team started. After you have thought about your resources, list them on paper. Now look over the list, noting the missing elements.

The next step is to write down the missing links and talk to your peers and mentors. Show them your list. Ask them to find missing pieces. Ask them for recommendations for your blank spaces.

The Effect of Compounding

by Dave Miller

Albert Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world.

Compounding works for positive and negative. If you are dumping your savings, or future earnings, into the latest high-risk scheme every time a new one comes along you are compounding negative results. But if your build good habits they stick with you and they compound (explain)

What Einstein was referring too was putting money on interest and the interest being put back into the account. As the interest is added to the original amount you then receive interest on the initial investment plus the added interest. As years go by the amount collecting interest grows and grows. All the while you are not spending your money because you would rather have more money later.

Money put into a saving account that only a start when looking at compounding. If you invest in real estate with a mortgage and use the cashflow to pay down the loan you get the same effect. Let’s say after you pay the required monthly payments and then use the excess to pay off additional principle you dramatically decrease the length of the loan.

Example: You buy the house for $133,000 and get a loan for $100,000. You have expenses of $200 month for taxes and insurance. Your payment on the 30 year loan is $665 leaving you with $335 cash flow on your monthly rent of $1200.

  • The short-term thinker will spend the money something frivolous the week gets his $335. So he pays off the loan in 30 years. He quadruples his investment of $33,000.
  • The mid-term thinker uses the $335 to pay down his mortgage and quadruples his invest in 13 years
  • The long-term thinker puts an additional $150 towards the mortgage knowing he will never miss it. He pays off the loan in 10 years, thus quadrupling his investment.

Are you a present-oriented or a future-oriented thinker? A future-oriented thinker can abstain from something now for a greater good later. While a present-oriented wants what feels good, now. They think past the present.

Habits as well as finances are affected by your length of thinking.

Building habits takes effort. You must forego something; time, energy, money, etc, to build a habit. This forgoing is the key. A little effort now grows into something big over time.

I’m not talking about some flashy hyped-up new you. Quite the contrary. I’m referring to little habits that add up.

  • Getting up a half hour earlier
  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Taking a brisk walk regularly
  • Smile more
  • Make a to do list

These small efforts over time will bring outstanding results.

As a sales man once said, “As an added bonus we will throw in a few extras.” Here’s your bonus; not only do these habits give you long-term benefits. The things I mentioned above that grow over time, also give me instant results.

Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you can make. Long term investing beats short-term through the compounding effect. So the longest term invest you can make in your lifetime is in yourself. If you improve yourself it continues to grow. A seemingly minuscule habit will grow exponentially in your lifetime.

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