I am Dave Miller, a business consultant and a licensed Realtor.

As a business consultant I tap into my experience as a business owner to help my clients. My love for numbers and making them grow pulsates through my veins. The challenge is to find a niche that works for you in business and life. It pleasures me see to you grow in those areas.

As a Realtor I focus mainly on investment grade properties. This is the area I have been investing in personally for around 10 years. I enjoy helping others find their ideal investments like I have. I draw on my tenacity to extract the real characteristics of the deal to expose any flaws that may surface later.

My life and my wife are both awesome and inspirational. Anne helps me grow every day but the children grow without our assistance. Maria Kate, Naomi Jael, Lucian Paul and Virgil Ryan keep our house spinning. Even after we are all in bed at times I see walls continue their carousel. But happy I am.

I was being educated in business and real estate as long as I remember, listening and learning to my mentor, my Dad. The learning has not stopped, every day I find something new to stick between my ears. In my teen years I helped my brother rehab properties on Saturdays. 2002 was the year I took the plunge by buying some raw land. Every so often I come up for air only to plunge to the depths again. The process escalated to what it is today. My mind loves to talk and think about business and real estate.

I’d be happy to talk to you personally. Call me. 717-951-0201


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