How to Build a Kingdom Minded Company Through Mission, Vision and Values

Is it against the law for a company to say they are a Christian organization? May you have a Bible study in your workplace? These are just a few of the questions that were asked.

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Mark Griffin as he spoke about core values within an organization. He wrote a book called how to build a kingdom minded organization. After hearing him speak, this is definitely on the top of my reading list.

Mark specializes in human resources work for companies. As an HR person, he encourages the people to open their workplace to the gospel and share their beliefs  – a voice of truth that will serve as the pillar of the mission, vision and values of their organization.

In his talk today Mark clarified the differences between your mission, values and vision statements. Here is a brief overview of what he said:

  • Mission: This is what you do every day. This is what you sell. This is your occupation.
  • Core Values: This is how you do it. This is what your employees would tell their friends when they ask what it is like to work for you.
  • Vision: Where are you going? This is your plan or goal for the future.

Having a mission for your business is essential to its success. Otherwise, you or your employees will not be sure what direction you’re heading. Therefore your vision will be compromised.

That being said, it’s time for me to start working on my mission, values and vision statements. My preliminary strategy to build these statements is to read Mark’s book and possibly bring some outside help in to help me brainstorm. This may be another business person or two that is willing to help. And start brainstorming. Right now I think it is important that I do this and it is more important that I do this than to wait in order to try to do it perfectly. Perfect is nice but it is not as important as accomplishing the goal.

And my goal is to have a mission, values and vision statement.

Go here to buy Mark’s book,

And here to visit Mark’s blog,

Now back to the original question, yes you may tell the world that you are a Christian organization. Yes, you may have Bible study within your organization, just be careful, it is illegal to make it mandatory.

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  2. Mark’s book is a great book, highly recommend it to everyone!

    • I look forward to reading it. Combine the fact that I took an Evelyn Woods reading course today and I’m excited about reading, I should be cranking that book out very shortly. I have couple of chapters of CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity to read tonight, then Mark’s book tomorrow.

      What part of Mark’s book had the biggest impact in your life or business?

  3. I agree. Yes, you may tell the world you are a Christian organization.


    If an organization tells me they are Christian, I typically make that an organization I will not do business with. A fish outline on your business card or business sign is marketing, not Christianity.

    If you need to TELL me you are Christian, ARE you? How would I know?

    If you ARE Christian, you do not need to TELL me.

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