You Have Committed a Crime – You Just Don’t Know It

by Dave Miller

Did you know you can be convicted of a crime you didn’t commit?

If a police officer wants to ask a few innocent questions about a crime you didn’t commit, is there any harm in talking to an officer? In the clip that follows the police officer was asked if there was ever a time that he talked to a suspect that after the person talked that he thought the person innocent because of what he said. His answer was “no”.

It is well worth any individual’s time to watch this video. The time spent watching this video is minute compared to the cost of a speeding ticket or the time behind bars.

So take the time to enjoy this fast talking, animated attorney talk to his fresh law students. He is fun, exciting and isn’t afraid to say “God bless America”

Here is the clip

Tomorrow I’ll post the police officers rebuttal, well rather, his response. Until then, plead the fifth.

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  1. […] is in response to the video yesterday of the fast talking attorney telling you to plead the fifth. He tells the classroom to tell all […]

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