Money In Your Pocket – Or Out of Your Pocket

by Dave Miller

When was the last time you looked at your insurance policy? Do  you really know what’s in it?

This week I bought 3 houses and at the last-minute I thought about insurance. With a phone call and a scrambling agent I got the coverage I needed. The downside was that I did not shop around or really think through the details. This is a huge downfall to those of us who wait till the last-minute at times.

So now I’m thinking about insurance. Am I paying too much? Why do I have it? What’s covered?

Here is an article that has helped me.

One cost saver for me is my high deductible. I say insurance is not to cover every little thing rather it’s to keep me from losing my butt. I carry a $5000 deductible, but then I also have high liability coverage.

Check out your policy. Maybe you can save a few dollars. My agent said yesterday that by raising the deductible to $5000 it would probably save me 12%.

Ask your agent questions. Maybe you need better coverage. Shop around if you must but be aware. Be very aware.

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