The Club


by Dave Miller

The Club House Meeting Room

Every two weeks we meet, the clan and I, for our book club. The topic of discussion is the latest book that we are reviewing. Our motivation is to invoke discussion and thought. And successful we are. The discussions run deep and are extremely thought provoking. It is up building and educational for the most part, even though some of us shoot an occasional fiery dart. 

We fellow contrarians meet at either my house or the Kingsway Realty office depending on the weather. If it’s too hot and air-conditioning is needed we head to Kingsway. They allow us to use one of their conference rooms thanks to Curvin Horning, one of their agents and a member of our group. Otherwise the meeting place is at my house with a few cool summer evenings spent on the deck with the tiki lamps burning.

As time goes on the bond between members grows stronger. The camaraderie has grown to the point that I feel I’m really going to miss a good evening if I can’t make it. So attendance is high. Everyone enjoys seeing the others as we arrive. And we always leave in peace. Okay, my mind is usually still spinning but I depart holding no grudges.

Here is a list of topics we have covered thus far

  • Theology and economics; Calvin and Commerce
  • Building a master plan for life; The Pledge by Michael Masterson
  • I Pencil  by Leonard E Read
  • How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes  by Peter D. Schiff
  • The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E Woods, Jr., Ph.D 

Our group is well versed on debate and if the point you present is weak you will get shot down. So making a good case is essential to survival. That or asking questions to tap into the knowledge of the group is a great way to sharpen your awareness on a particular subject.

If a question is presented, someone in the group will usually have good response. Whether or not the view is accurate the rest will critique it to verify its validity or to uncover the errors.

 It was a dream of mine, to create a group like this, for years. In 2008 I talked with a few people and in March of 2009 we got together. We discussed Gary North’s book Mises on Money. It was a great book for the time, being about monetary cycles and we were experiencing the beginning of this recession.

The group was not interested in continuing. So it came to a screeching halt. I was disappointed but not ready to give up. I picked away at creating this group, talking to more friends of like mind. Now in 2011 we have a group that looks fit to last.

If this is something you have interest in doing I encourage you to create a group of your own. With the reactions I have gotten from people it seems you could easily to start another group. Don’t let it take four years like it did me. If you have even a small urge, then start talking to people. You will soon have a group formed.

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