The Hireling – Make the Choice and Feel Better

by Dave Miller

After mulling over the idea for a few years, and getting close multiple times, I’ve made the decision to hire another employee. This was a huge choice. Going from to one employee to two really changes the dynamics. It made me think hard and long about how I wanted to do business in the future.

My dilemma was what I call my circle. Long term the goal was to spend less time in the production end of business personally. Yet I wanted to grow. So I searched for sales, and found them. Then I had to rush into the shop to do more production, the very thing that didn’t give me fulfillment. Or I spent more time in real estate, scheduling showings, writing, making phone calls. Putting irons in the fire. Then after a day I immensely enjoyed, working a deal for a client, I would return to the shop feeling guilty because of my absence.

It is not a good feeling, walking into your own shop guiltily when you just had the ultimate day doing what you love.

I spent hours and hours contemplating the way to stop this circle. The conclusion is that I need another production man.  But another man in a one and a half man shop is a huge step, one I’ve been skeptical to take. Yet I would rather hire a full time, stable person. Our workload has been increasing but it has not surged to the point that another man would be steadily occupied. Another man would create the need for more sales.

 I’ve concluded this will be broken one of two ways.

  • A big job floats overhead and plops into our lap forcing us to hire another full-time person. (Less likely)
  • We hire another person and I work my tail off to increase sales to fill the additional capacity. (Most likely)

The decision has been made to hire another person. That is the first step and it is a colossal one. I have known for a long time this is the step I need and want to take. Avoiding it each time it surfaced has not worked to alleviate the problem. Even if the details still need to be taken care of, it feels good to have made the decision. It feels like forward movement and not stagnancy.

Are you feeling stagnant? Look at yourself to see if there is a decision to make that you have been avoiding. The weight of an undecided choice can wear you down. It did me. Don’t do as I do, learn from my mistakes. Make that choice.

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