Building Your Power Team for Long-Term Success and Growth

by Dave Miller

The term Power Team is used by real estate investors as your go-to specialists. This is your team of experts that you rely on for quality advice and service. Even though this is a term used in real estate, it applies to any business.

When building your power team you want to choose the best money can buy. Or cannot buy. Sometimes the best are not the most expensive.

Hiring an expert gets the job done properly and on time. When hiring people your goal should be to hire people better than you. If not better, then people that can do the task less at expense than you.  This can be an attorney that has the expertise you lack, the secretary willing to work more cheaply than you, or the septic sludge remover that does the dirty work.

Whoever it is, choosing the right person is vital. They are still the face people see in place of yours. Your reputation is on the line. Business is about people. Interacting with people is business. Choose people persons.

The team you develop is one of the crucial elements to becoming a successful businessman, for it is vital to the long-term health, success and growth of your business.

Your Power Team should consist of experts

  • Consultants
  • Mentors
  • Attorneys
  • Accountant
  • Sales & Marketing Guru

Your list should be much longer than this, as this is only a start. The bigger you make you list of resources the better. The well that is deep is the one you can draw from often.

How do you build this list?

Start by thinking of your available resources you currently use. You already have your Power Team started. After you have thought about your resources, list them on paper. Now look over the list, noting the missing elements.

The next step is to write down the missing links and talk to your peers and mentors. Show them your list. Ask them to find missing pieces. Ask them for recommendations for your blank spaces.


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