What Obama Told Us and What Really Happened.

 by Dave Miller

At times I am glad the economy is not recovering. If it were, the people would believe it is because of this nonsense we hear from these politicians.

The debt ceiling is the latest dog and pony show. The media is rambling on and on. Praising and criticizing. Just talking heads selling their hogwash.

I’m talking to both sides of the aisle here. They make it sound like they are doing the country a service. Doing their duty. Sacrificing for the good of the people.

The truth of the matter: this is the largest increase in debt allowed.


When I hear them talk about sacrificing for the good of the people, I want to roll my eyes loud enough so you can hear it on paper.

Be careful what you listen to.

Here is some of the useless gobbledygook we have been fed in the past. Obama said we would lose a bunch of jobs unless we dumped a boatload of money into the system. We did. What happened?

Here are the results. Visualization is a great way to illustrate the point.

Selective hearing is the key.

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