Pay Yourself First

by Dave Miller

Every month we chose who we will pay. The gas man. Rent. Groceries. Yet we forget about ourselves. There never seems to be any left for me. Why do we lower ourselves to such a degrading standard?

As a business owner if I were to decide to pay my employees last, only if there is money left, I would be jeopardizing my business. The employees would not be motivated. They would probably vacate. So in order to keep employees motivated, I pay them first. I would rather have a creditor calling than lose my employee’s loyalty.

So how can I avoid this lack of motivation in my life? I say set up a savings account and on every pay day put 10% in to the account. Before you pay the bills. This is your pay. I suggest you make this your investment account. A fund for your later use.

If you are saying you can’t afford to do this then change something. Cut spending. Increase your income. Whatever you do, do not say it’s not possible. Do you want to work for nothing all your life? I’m guessing your answer is no. Then stop the madness and get your act together. Adjust, adapt and move forward.

Your motivation will increase as you realize you are building something. It’s not about only surviving the day. There is a bigger picture out there. Pay yourself and you will find it.

To accumulate wealth you need to invest. Many times we look to outside methods to get rich quick. We are grasping for the big break. We heard of a product or method that promised big returns and we are intrigued. Be careful.

Invest in yourself. Every pay-check you get, look at it, decide who you are going to pay.
Hold yourself to a higher standard. Are you last?

Make yourself first by starting to invest yourself

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