Legal Profiling

by Dave Miller

Lately we read about profiling in a negative sense.  Police officers are getting a bad rap for doing their job.

Cops concentrate on the most likely suspects, narrowing their focus. The world calls this profiling. If a group of people have a history of crime they watch them closer. The reason they profile is obvious. It works. They do what gets results. Why wouldn’t they? Well, some agency decided it’s discrimination.

As an investor you are not regulated on profiling. Not yet, thankfully. So be discriminatory.

Create a profile of the type of property you a searching for. Base your criteria for the most likely profit making enterprises. Focus on this profile. Don’t waste time and energy on avenues that do not meet your criteria.

In real estate you hear of many ways to make money. National speakers make a lot of money telling you of a hundred different ways to capitalize on real estate deals. They open your mind to new ideas by getting you to think outside the box. This is good. You need to be open-minded. But select a strategy that fits you.

Your goal should be to narrow down your search and methods to a few options that fit your personality. Don’t try to be someone or something you aren’t. If you base your strategy on the results of others only, you are likely to burn out. And probably be unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, I do believe in following the lead of successful people. But do so only after you analyze yourself. Figure out what motivates you. What makes you tick? After you have found your niche, and only then, get the best mentor, with experience in that field, you can find.

Now start profiling. Narrow your search and let it rip.

This applies to not only to real estate. Business and charity are among many other areas of life in which this should be applied.

You will be much more successful once you have found your sweet spot in life.

Find it.

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