12 Ways to Attract a Client

by Dave Miller

Is your client magnet turned on?

People do business with people they like. Be likeable! It is amazing how many times people do not approach others because they are not attracted to them. Not major unattractiveness, just little things that speak volumes.

Smile a welcome smile. Make eye contact. Then follow these steps and watch your client magnet work:

  1. People are attracted to honest people. When you promise something to a client make sure you meet and exceed the expectation. Don’t lie about your product or services. Why lie when truth is the most effective way of getting business?
  2. People are attracted to people who actually have their client’s best interests at heart. Care!
  3. People are attracted to people they believe to be experts. Become better than your competition. Do speaking engagements, write, advance your education, do whatever it takes to become an expert in your field.
  4. People are attracted to people who are physically attractive. Get your exercise, diet if you must. Not only will you look better, your self-esteem and confidence will improve.  And that automatically will make you more attractive.
  5. People are attracted to people who are “real”. Be a “regular Joe” rather than a high-fallutin slick Willie. Be real.
  6. People are attracted to people that listen. Use the 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time, but remember this only leaves 20% for talking. If you want to get really good. Take 20% of 20% and learn to speak only 4% of the time.
  7. People are attracted to people that like them.  Learn to genuinely like people. Listen to them, care about them. It takes a humble person to realize that everyone has something that you can learn from. Which leads to the next step.
  8. People are attracted to people that are humble. Even if you are an expert in your field, realize that everyone, even the beginner, has something you can learn from.
  9. People are attracted to clean people. Shave, shower and don’t forget the deodorant. This does not require $50 dollar soap or carrying sanitary wipes. I’m not asking for much, just don’t be repulsive.
  10. People are attracted to people who seem busy and successful. Get off your duff. Set a goal with a timeline. Be accountable to someone with your goal. Success is right on your tail. Don’t stop or it will run over you leaving you in worse shape than before. Keep moving forward and you will be successful.
  11. People are attracted to people or products that make their lives easier. This can be time or money savers – both make one’s life easier. It can be a money maker. Life is easier with money. Make their life easier and yours will follow.
  12. This one is for you. Fill in your idea of how to attract a client. Add it to your list personally or add one in the comments below.

Clients are the key. Attract them and you win.

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