Working or Networking, It’s Your Choice

by Dave Miller

Is networking worth your time? I made $5000 last week with my network. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

I continue to be highly impressed with the power of networking. In many ways networking is more than just looking out for my best interest. It means reaching out to other people.  If they have needs you can help them with, then do so. You will create a relationship.

Networking is more than a list of people. It is people with whom you have a mutually beneficial relationship. Other business people, potential clients and/or customers. The better your relationship with these people, the stronger your network.

Everyone has a network. It is simply the people you know. Everyone one from your nearest and dearest to your neighbors’ plumber’s cousin who surely has a phone number you could track down if you cared to.

Not everyone puts a cognitive effort into building their network. This is a mistake.

Here is a list of ways to build a bigger better network.

Start an email list

Begin building an email list of people you know have interest in your product or service. For me this has been a huge eye-opener and success.

I send out an email when I have an investment opportunity to share. This results in about a dozen or more emails a year. I do not bombard my network, only the stuff that matters get sent out.

To be added to my email list just click here

Add tag lines to your emails and correspondences

Last fall I added the words, “Financial and Real Estate Solutions” to my email. The first email I sent to my email network resulted in a call from a fellow asking if I do hard money loans. I do. I set him up. He made over six thousand and I made over twenty-eight hundred in two weeks’ time. Needless to say we were both happy, all from a mere tag line.

Social networks

Facebook, LinkedIn, et al. Any way to let people know what you are doing. Telling them every juicy nugget of gossip fodder about your personal life is not necessary.  But by filling them in on your business dealings you will be amazed by how many people you know have similar interests.

Help  others

Step out and help people. By helping others you will blessed. Okay, here is the plug: My brother has a house in Bird-In-Hand he is trying to sell. I told him I would get him some exposure by mentioning it here.

Quaint and Quiet

It is a quaint 3 bedroom rancher with a horse barn. It is an ideal starter home or investment property. Here is the link. He is asking $149,000 and the previous renter paid $940 a month. It has the potential to get $1000 rent per month. This is an excellent John Schaub style home. You can call Allen directly at 717-295-0662. If you find Allen a buyer I’ll see that you pocket $500

Start a blog.

Every marketing guru says so, so I will too. Start a blog.


Write a newsletter. Keep your network informed. This could be your blog.


People know people. If you are in the market to buy a rental property, then call people. Ask. Call your real estate attorney and tell him what you are looking for and ask him if he knows anybody that could help you. Call your banker. Call your investor friends. If you are selling, ask for referrals. Tell your people you will reward them if they give you a successful referral. Note the $500 reward mentioned above.

Quotable Quote: The secret of my success is a two word answer: Know people.– Harvey S. Firestone


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