Excuses, Excuses

by Dave Miller 

My readers, to you I do apologize for my absence. I sincerely want to write again and will. Another blog is forth coming. I ask that your forbearance endure a little longer. 

Excuses are like belly buttons, everyone has one and they are of little to no use. But I will give you one anyway; our family took a two and a half week vacation to the west, that and the catch up after our return has consumed an immense amount of time. When time is short we shift things. My blog drew the short straw. Maybe it is time for me to review my own advice by reading “A Kick in the Buttocks”.

As we traveled my wife was writing and an exhilarating writer she is. I hope that she will allow me to post some of her views on our excursion. 

I bid you adieu, till next time.

Quotable Quote; There is no such thing as a list of reasons.  There is either one sufficient reason or a list of excuses.  ~Robert Brault

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