It’s Over.

by Dave Miller

A few areas of my life have turned. A new leaf turned.

The 12th annual Haiti Benefit Auction was again a huge success. The throngs of people lined up for the lip smacking food. They ate. And they ate. From four o’clock Friday evening till around three on Saturday, ninety-two thousand dollars of food were consumed.  One fellow stated, “It’s a challenge to eat enough to feed the poor in Haiti.” But ninety-two thousand is a good start.

The auction was also a smashing hit. The quality of items was unsurpassed. It amazes me at how the people dig in and donate their best. The buyers in turn have come to know the quality of the items and arrive willing to pay for the excellent merchandise. Combine these two elements and add in professional service, a good cause, the spirit of love and you will have a successful philanthropic event.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is work involved. Lots of work.

In the food area I have compiled some approximate numbers of items sold at this year’s event.

  • 3500 servings of ice-cream
  • 2100 chicken suppers
  • 7400 donuts
  • 1700 breakfast servings
  • 2200 soft pretzels
  • 8500 drinks
  • 2750 cups of lemonade
  • Over 300 people helped make or serve the food.


The most amazing thing of all is the fact that being in charge of over 300 people I heard not one harsh word. It seems that everyone is there for the right reasons and always shares a smile or a kind word. This is an amazing feat in its self.

This organization has been an incredible blessing to my life. Having completed my term on the board I now reflect. It took a lot of time and effort but always I felt as if I received more than I gave.

Fellow board members have become close friends, business partners and mentors in my own life. I have heard often that by surrounding yourself with peers that have qualities that you lack you will be lifted and encouraged by them. It is true.

Five years ago I barely knew people I now call trusted friends. I have friends I can count on when the going gets rough. This is an asset I cannot attach a dollar figure to.

Others have been an encouragement in my business and in investing ventures. A few I have worked very closely with in deals and I now call them partners.

Many have helped me see myself more clearly than before. My walk with Christ has grown better thanks to the example set by my Christian brothers I served with.

To those of you, I say; Thank you. You have helped me in ways you never knew and probably never will know.

Does this mean I will no longer be involved in the Haiti Benefit Auction? No. It only changes the capacity I serve. Instead of working as food manager and being responsible for the day to day activity I will work in a support role.

I will spend a lot of time with the new food manager trying to facilitate a smooth transition. And I will be at his side in the coming auctions helping to encourage and assist him in his ventures.

I’m not going anywhere. My tasks will just change from leading to supporting. I pray I can adapt to the new responsibility.

To all of you who supported the cause in whatever capacity you helped; Thank you. I pray you will be blessed by your efforts. I know I have been.

As for this chapter of my life, it’s over.

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