Top 10 keyboard shortcuts to help improve efficiency

Are you spending too much time moving your cursor, pointing and clicking just to accomplish simple tasks on your PC? Did you know that you can use your keyboard to work more efficiently?

Below is a list of 10 keyboard shortcuts that will help you increase your productivity by eliminating the need to reach for the mouse.


  •  CTRL + C will copy text after it has been highlighted.
  • CTRL + V will paste text that you have copied.
  • CRTL + Z will undo any change that you have done.
  • CTRL + ESC will bring up the Start Menu.
  • SHIFT + F3 will turn all capitalized text into lowercase.
  • SHIFT + DELETE will delete an item immediately without placing it in the Recycle Bin.
  • ALT + TAB will bring up a Window with a list of icons representing programs which are currently running on your computer. While holding the ALT key, press and depress the TAB button to cycle between each icon task.
  • ALT + ESC will switch to the next task running on your computer. Hold down the ALT before pressing and depressing the ESC key to cycle to the next task.
  • CTRL + ALT + DELETE will bring up Task Manager and allow you to end a process (terminate a program) if it has crashed or has stopped responding. Select the process which has stopped responding, and then press “END PROCESS”.
  • SHIFT + INSERT will paste any text that is in your clipboard.
    Your cursor must also be placed in an area that will accept keyboard input for this to work.


When I come across an article like this I like to print it out and keep it close by when typing. My goal is to implement one of these shortcuts. I know I will not learn all of them so I focus on one or two in hopes of making one come as second nature.

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