Bigger Than ObamaCare

by Dave Miller 

I am hearing comments the likes of the following one made by Andy Hoffman:

“Obama’s healthcare bill will be, WITHOUT COMPARISON, the most damaging Congressional decision in the history of the United States. America’s financial condition is already terminal under all possible scenarios, but passage of this bill will dramatically accelerate the end game….”

 This article is to refute this statement and its kind. My goal is not to water down the evil of this healthcare bill but to bring to people’s awareness that the equivalent has been happening for years. Not only the equivalent but more devastating than the current bill. We are not witnessing a new dilemma. It is a recurring one, deeply engrained in our system.

 The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets. – Will Rogers

 Over the ages our government has created programs to support an agenda hidden deep within. Many of the bills and amendments are really about something other than the hype they so cunningly feed us. Always the outcome is detrimental to society. When the government gets its hands involved the effects spread like a viral disease. Their agenda consists of money and power, the latter being the dominator.

 Money is not a problem – unless it’s somebody else’s you are playing with. In the business world money is the drive. This is healthy. But when you steal money from one person to help another, a greater moral issue has sprouted. Stealing is wrong. We know this but when we are told it is for the good of the people we tend to loosen up. Then somehow we forget altogether that it was stolen.

 Power, on the other hand, is a perpetual problem. When a person seeks power to support his own lust thereof, people will be hurt. As the power grows the hunger increases to the point that only self is served. All others must be worked out of the way, or used to build the empire. If the one in power has no one below him he has no power. So people are needed to have dominion over.

 In the cases of money and power, people are needed. So rather than show the truth and have a revolt, or worse yet, a loss of authority, the deception runs rampant. Rather than lie outright it is easier to make the people believe they are getting something of value. Give them something they did not earn, something taken/stolen from someone else, and they will love you. Therefore the corruption increases, always trying to please the people while secretly serving self. It is a downward spiral that ends in a cesspool of waste.

 Anytime a new scheme is concocted it is at the expense of society. Many times it is bigger than money. It cuts to the core, our rights and our minds. Every time the government gives us something we lose something of greater value. Self reliance is the first to go when a hand out is accepted. We stop relying on our own intellect and expect the government to give us a bail out. Next we depend on it and it fails us. It always will.

Here is a list of a few that have done more damage to society than Obamacare ever will:

  • Medicare
  • Roe vs. Wade
  • The passage of the 16th Amendment (authorizing a national income tax).
  • Coming off the Gold Standard
  • Public schools
  • Wars

Fiscally, Medicare is the worst.

I do agree that Obamacare will accelerate the end game.

But speeding up is not comparable to starting. My basis is this: Which was a bigger breakthrough, the Wright Brothers or Chuck Yeager?

 The Wright brothers changed people’s thinking. They did what man thought impossible. Men around the world had to consider the inconceivable. As soon as the first flight was completed they were trying to go farther and faster. This continued for decades. Air travel became available to the average citizen. People started to dream of a flight to the moon, something seldom thought of before the 20th century.

 Then one day a man named Chuck Yeager made the news. He broke the sound barrier with an airplane. While this is an amazing feat, he only went faster than any man did to date. A record broken many times since. 

 The Wright Brothers will always be remembered as originators.

Chuck Yeager will merely be a footnote in comparison. Even though he went faster than the speed of sound, he still only went faster. 

Medicare is the Wright Brothers and ObamaCare is Chuck Yeager.

Medicare destroyed the Americans entrepreneurial mind. It annihilated their self-reliant thinking. Thoughts shifted from “I need to prepare for the future” to “the government owes me something” to “I don’t care where you get the money; I deserve it more than whoever you took it from”.   Instead of planning for the future we expect it be laid at our feet, even if we did not earn it. We are irresponsible thugs demanding instant gratification rather than disciplining ourselves.

More than the thought of losing a few dollars, think about the real loss; the loss of the self-reliant mind and responsible, moral citizens.

Obama’s health care plan will be written by a committee whose head, John Conyers, says he doesn’t understand it. It’ll be passed by Congress that has not read it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that’s nearly broke. What could possibly go wrong? – Rush Limbaugh

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